Specialized Software Management

We are pleased to offer our clients the finest technology the community association management industry has to offer. We understand that technology leads to efficiency and we invest heavily in keeping our systems current and cutting edge. It begins with our cloud-based management software system that is run by some of the most successful management companies in the country. This solution allows us to provide real-time 24-hour access to virtually any data a Board member would require. This cloud-based software platform usually allows our accountants and managers to immediately answer your questions during your Board meeting — no more having to “get back to you” the next day or next week.

This software has redundant daily backup and adheres to the same security standards and encryption used in financial institutions, so you can rest assured that your data is secure.

Cash Management

The management of the Association’s cash is virtually paperless as assessment payments are sent directly to the association’s bank for deposit using either paper checks, e-checks, online Bill Pay, direct debit or credit cards.

On the accounts payable side, Merit again leads the way using an online authorization and payment solution that allows authorizing Board members to approve and digitally sign your vendors’ checks, which will go out the same day. It is conceivable that your vendors could get paid the same day they send (via email) their invoices with direct deposit into their bank accounts. Don’t think that you would not be their favorite customer, getting them paid within 24 hours of sending their bill!!!

Community Websites

What’s good for the Board member is good for the resident!!! Every Association Merit manages has its own free community website, which serves as a portal of information for your owners. If your association does not have its own community website, we will provide one with no cost to your community. Our owner portals will allow your residents to see their account information, make payments online, access Merit’s support desk with questions, and review copies of the association’s financials, budget and governing documents at their convenience.

Do you need a way to schedule your clubhouse, tennis courts or meeting rooms? Why not do it online with your community website? Wait till you see what else we can do for you…

Paperless Document Retention

Does your current management company keep your paper records in storage boxes and then charge you for storage? While we cannot help with those old records, we can assure you that you will not have any more to store in the future. All of your documents from the time Merit starts with your community will be scanned into our system and readily available at the click of a mouse. Ten years from now when you ask your Merit manager who that landscaper was back in 2013, we will tell you in a few mouse clicks!!! We believe strongly in saving trees as well as storage space…you won’t be getting any more storage boxes from Merit.

To learn more about how Merit can help your community association or HOA, please contact us today!