There are many management companies available to manage your community or your Association and they all provide the same type services. Each one of us will provide a financial package, attend your Board meetings, complete community inspections and all the other duties you request in your scope of work. The difference is not in what services are provided; the difference is in how the services are provided.

The team at Merit believes that what makes us different is that we recognize your residents may not always be pleased when they contact our office. They may have recently received a letter asking them to address a maintenance issue on their property or they may have received a late notice that crossed in the mail with their assessment payment. While that phone call may start off on a rough note, we strive to make it end positively by doing whatever we can to assist your resident in a pleasant and professional manner.

In addition to providing all of those services that every other management company provides, we also provide the additional services below at no additional cost to your Association:

We do regular inspections of the community in order to make sure the properties are meeting the standards set by the Association’s governing documents and like every other management company, we will send homeowners a professionally written reminder if there is something that requires their attention. We believe that if we can point out a deficiency to one of your residents, we can also point out to a resident when their property looks tip-top!!! When we see a home that is well maintained and looks beautiful, we will send that homeowner a letter as well, indicating what an awesome job they have done for their community.

While we work as hard as anybody in the industry to reach perfection, and that is truly our goal, there are times when we drop the ball, too. It may be a transposed number in an address where we send a maintenance request letter to the wrong house or it might be as simple as misspelling an important resident’s name in the Annual Meeting minutes. When we make a mistake that is obviously our fault, we have a special way of making it up to your resident…..we buy them lunch!!! Yep, we will actually admit our mistake and send a letter of apology to your resident along with a gift card to buy them lunch on us at a local eatery.

We understand the need for homeowners to locate quality vendors to provide services such as screen repair, roof cleaning, annual A/C services and pressure washing. Many of these type issues are seen during our community inspections and may be issues with multiple residents. If the Board is interested, we will locate a vendor who will come into your community and provide these services at a reduced rate because they can work on multiple properties all within the same community.

Merit will check the business licenses, insurance policies, and references of these vendors in advance and then negotiate a price that a single homeowner will not usually be able to arrange. Merit does not charge the vendor, the Association or the homeowner any fee. The savings negotiated are 100% passed through to the resident and on the rare occasion there is a dispute with the vendor, a simple phone call from Merit will usually resolve the issue as vendors appreciate the opportunity to work in the Partners in Quality program.

As communities get older, it becomes more difficult to keep them looking good. We pride ourselves on paying attention to the little things within your community and promise to keep your common areas looking as good as possible. Sometimes you might notice a maintenance issue between our visits or just happen to catch something that we missed. When this happens, we ask you to flip us a maintenance request via email and we will have it addressed as soon as possible.

Hillsborough County Associations are fortunate that they have access to several different grants through Hillsborough County government. There are grants for community cleanups, tree purchases, low-volume irrigation, and the general mini-grant for a variety of different products or services. Merit Management will complete these grant applications for the Association and assist in the project management when possible. Our team has been quite successful over the years at procuring a substantial amount of grant money for our client Associations.

Merit employees believe very strongly in giving back to our communities. The difference is that we do not only talk about it, we actually walk the walk as well. Each spring, we award two $500 scholarships to students whose immediate family owns a home in one of our managed communities. The scholarships focus on students whose high school careers exemplify dedication to community service and volunteerism. Interested students can request applications in January of their senior year for more details.

Title companies and closing attorneys frequently wait until the last minute to contact the management company for closing information when a resident is selling a home in one of our communities. We used to get calls from panicked closing agents telling us the buyers and sellers were sitting in the other room and just found out there was a mandatory homeowners association in the community. The closing agent needed information from us in order to be able to close the sale, and they needed it now! This situation is very common in our industry and many management companies charge a hefty premium for a rush closing letter.

We knew there had to be a better way, and there is. When we do the regular community inspection, we also look for “For Sale” signs in our residents’ yards. When we see one, we send a letter to the owner and the Realtor explaining what they need from us to make sure their closing goes smoothly. As a result, we usually get the closing packet request weeks before the actual closing and rarely ever hear that frightening scream over the phone from the closing agents.

Many Realtors have told us how much they appreciate this free reminder service.

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