Merit managers and accountants understand the delicate balance required to manage the changing abilities of a community’s residents and the importance of collecting the Association’s assessments to meet the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities. We will never treat your residents as just a number, and we will always strive to find a workable solution that meets both parties’ needs. We give your residents the respect they deserve and will always treat them professionally and politely.

Unfortunately, there are times when residents are not able to meet their financial obligations. At such times, we will work with your collections attorney and with strict adherence to your Association’s pre-approved collection policy to accomplish what is in the best interest of your Association.

We give your residents the opportunity to pay their assessments online or by check. Credit cards, online checks, and recurring payment options are accepted online using 128-bit bank level encryption.


One of the more time-consuming processes for Board members with signatory responsibility is the review and authorization of vendor invoices, followed by signing checks and then returning them to the management company for distribution. Traditionally, this process is time-consuming for the management company as well and can require the storage of large amounts of paper.  Unfortunately, this has led many management companies to simply pay invoices without a Board member’s review or signature.  We do not believe a check from your Association account should ever be mailed without your review and approval.

Merit Management is an industry leader in the use of our online Accounts Payable program, which allows all signatories to sign into the Board portal, access the scanned images of the Association’s invoices, click to approve, ask a question or disapprove any invoice presented. For approved invoices, checks are issued and mailed using digital signature technology the next business day. Any invoices that you have questions about will be returned to Merit Management for follow-up and clarification.

Because you can approve invoices online in just a few minutes from anywhere with internet access, you can stay connected while traveling.  If you do not wish to remain connected while traveling, we can easily adjust the signature requirements while you are away on that long-needed vacation!

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